About Us


Millimag Rabbit Farm started as a dream, with love for the animal rabbit. It did not occur starting it as a passion driven hobby will turn out to be such a lucrative venture. Originally started by Justin Magiri with three rabbits and a rabbit hutch of six cages the year 2015 in Bamburi, Mombasa.

Rabbits are very cute animals hence the love for them by most people, resulting into the shrinking need of people viewing them as profit bound. This is the gap I am offering a solution, through knowledge and sensitization of rabbit meat and other rabbit by products to the market at large, to cub the demand and supply deficient.

“ Rabbit farming like any other farming or business practice has it up and downs in terms of management, especially hygiene, feeding, cages and record keeping, all of which are factors of production. This observation is due to the experience gathered for the past three years since we started. ”



Inspire healthier and economic stable communities through rabbit farming


Provide quality knowledge, expertise and rabbit products to rabbit stakeholders through consistency in the world wide region

Core Values

Customer commitment, integrity, consistency, quality, team work and respect for life